PHASE Asia Pacific is a conference for all educators focussed on physical education, health, athletics, sports, and experiential learning.  The conference allows participants to learn from leading authorities in their respective fields as well as from practitioner presenters, to network with fellow educators, and to access good practice and resources in multiple formats.

PHASE has evolved from the Asia Pacific Physical Education Conference (APPEC) which was a dedicated Physical Education & Wellness event for the Asia Pacific region starting in 2015.
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Joshua Simpson

Pearcedale Primary School
Physical Education Teacher
Melbourne, Victoria
G'day, I'm Josh from Melbourne, Australia. I'm really excited to be heading over to PHASE for a few reasons - to continue to expand my teaching, create new connections with other PE teachers from across the globe and to explore/experience a country I've never been to before. Would love to connect prior to the conference and get any tips, tricks or advice prior to heading over.

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