PHASE Asia Pacific is a conference for all educators focussed on physical education, health, athletics, sports, and experiential learning.  The conference allows participants to learn from leading authorities in their respective fields as well as from practitioner presenters, to network with fellow educators, and to access good practice and resources in multiple formats.

PHASE has evolved from the Asia Pacific Physical Education Conference (APPEC) which was a dedicated Physical Education & Wellness event for the Asia Pacific region starting in 2015.

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Sunday, November 17


A Deweyan Approach to Cooperative Learning
Building on his work with Mikael Quennerstedt (See Casey & Quennerstedt, 2019), Ash will show how, by returning to the founding philosophy of John Dewey, we can create a physical education curriculum built around the value of experience.

Specifically, he will develop participants understanding of the five elements of cooperative learning (i.e. Positive Interdependence Promotive Face-to-face Interaction Individual Accountability Interpersonal and Small Group Skills Group Processing) and introduce the idea of adding:
  • A situational element which moves from the idea of cooperative children to participants in cooperative events.
  • A directional element which shifts from teaching cooperation to experiencing cooperation as a transactional process.
  • A temporal element in which cooperative learners decide, over time, what it means to cooperate.
  • A communal element which recognises that students’ have different end when participating in cooperative learning activities. 
  • An educative element which holds that learning should be discovered and not predefined through a process of inquiry.

avatar for Ashley Casey

Ashley Casey

Senior Lecturer, Loughborough University

Sunday November 17, 2019 09:20 - 10:50
High School Tennis Courts


Bite-Size Gymnastics Masterclass
Looking to introduce some new ideas to uplift and re-energise your Gymnastics’ lessons? Would you like to be able to break Gymnastics skills down into bite size activities to make them easier or harder to achieve based on the competency levels of your gymnasts? Need to challenge your pupils, but are unsure of the technical teaching points? Well look no further. This bite-size one and a half hour long Master Class is THE workshop for you! Our goal is for you to walk away the workshop with only one question - which skill will you teach first?

At the end of the workshop you will have an understanding of:
  • Fundamental Gymnastics Shapes and how to incorporate them into engaging games and activities.
  • Hand Apparatus Activities – Bean Bags, Feathers, Hoops etc
  • Gymnastics skills broken down into their component parts and extended to accommodate pupils of all abilities.
  • Vaulting and jumping

avatar for Gemma Coles

Gemma Coles

Founder & CEO, Head Over Heels Gymnastics
Gemma Coles lives in Bournemouth with her husband and three children, where she runs a successful recreational Gymnastics Club; Head Over Heels Gymnastics founded in 2000. Gemma was a child that spent most of her time upside down, mad about ‘Gymnastics’ and this enthusiasm has... Read More →

Sunday November 17, 2019 09:20 - 10:50
Middle School Fitness Studio (MS s202)


Contemporary Dance & Sociocultural Analysis
This workshop seeks to explore and enhance the implementation of inquiry based pedagogies within the context of school-based HPE. Contemporary Australian HPE programs advocate the use of student-centred approaches to teaching and learning, approaches that encourage teachers to:
  • Incorporate the knowledge, skills, values and beliefs that each student brings to their HPE programs.
  • Design learning experiences and assessment that are authentic, that is all teaching and learning should articulate with students’ short and long term aspirations, contexts and needs
  • Construct units of work that incite students to utilise inquiry and problem based strategies to real life issues or activities
  • Establish high expectations of students’ capacity to engage with and apply new knowledge, skills and strategies.
In this session, participants will work in teams to construct a dance routine (Madonna’s Vogue) to gain insight into the application of the key characteristics of student-centred teaching to HPE programs. In particular, these learning approaches provide teachers with a vehicle through which students can analyse the impact of social forces such as class, gender, ethnicity and sexuality on their own and other’s participation in games, sports and physical activities.

avatar for Louise McCuaig

Louise McCuaig

Associate Professor, University of Queensland
Health education in PETE and schooling

Sunday November 17, 2019 09:20 - 10:50
High School PE Classroom (s504b)


Current Health Issues for International Teens
One of the benefits of a skills-based model is that it gives teachers freedom to adapt content to best suit the unique needs of their student population. This is especially important in an international setting where cultures, values, and laws can vary drastically between countries and schools. In this follow-up to last year’s session, participants will be given tools to add current health concerns- vaping, screen time, body image and social media, etc.- to existing curriculum while maintaining a focus on skills.

Participants will leave with:
  • Tools to gather data on the health concerns impacting their unique student population
  • A bank of adaptable resources to help address current health issues
  • A network of other international teachers passionate about student wellness in the region.

avatar for Amy Lauren Smith

Amy Lauren Smith

Middle School Health Teacher, Hong Kong International School
Amy teaches Middle School Health at the Hong Kong International School and has a passion for curriculum that is current, relevant, adaptable, and shared. She has presented at conferences in Asia as well as SXSWedu and the SHAPE America National Conventions, and serves as the Education... Read More →

Sunday November 17, 2019 09:20 - 10:50
405 (4th Floor, Middle School)


Extended Workshop Session
Sunday November 17, 2019 09:20 - 10:50
Hong Kong International School 1 Red Hill Road, Tai Tam, Hong Kong


Game Centered Approach to Net-Wall Games focused on Badminton
In this session, the presenter will focus on Knowledge using a Games Centred Approach (GCA) and use examples of games in Net / Wall games - specifically in Badminton. Participants will generate inquiry ideas for Badminton from a GCA background and look at ideas of how to incorporate the four domains of learning into your lesson progression.  

The workshop will also explore ideas for possible assessment - standards-based grading / MYP or others and offer some resources for further reading or development.

Lesson notes can be found here http://www.melhamada.com/2019/11/16/phase-ap-2019/ 

avatar for Mel Hamada

Mel Hamada

Middle School Physical Education Teacher, International School of Beijing
Originally from Canberra, Australia, Mel has been fortunate to work in China, Japan, UK, Tanzania, Vietnam, and Australia for the last 15 years. She has worked in the Elementary, Middle and High School as a Science and Physical Education teacher, and is currently employed at the International... Read More →

Sunday November 17, 2019 09:20 - 10:50
Middle School Gym 2/3


Getting TECHIE With It
Come get a little techie with Andy. In this session we will have you moving and grooving to all things tech. You will explore a number of apps that you can use to engage your classroom and use in your planning to make you ‘YOUR BEST’. Andy is an energetic presenter and tech is one of his passions so feel free to ask any questions to help improve your own teaching!

avatar for Andy Hair

Andy Hair

Physical Education Teacher, Leopold Primary School
I am a Physical Education Teacher and Coach based in Geelong (Australia). I currently work for Leopold Primary School. As an advocate for PE I am connected across the world via Twitter, Youtube and Instagram and come to Hong Kong again excited to meet many of my idols and friends... Read More →

Sunday November 17, 2019 09:20 - 10:50
603 & 604 (6th Floor, High School)


Leveraging Physical Education through a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program
The purpose of this workshop is to introduce and orient attendees to the concept of a comprehensive school physical activity program (CSPAP). Research evidence, future directions, practical applications, and resources will be shared and discussed. Attendees will have the opportunity to generate program implementation strategies specific to their school contexts.

avatar for Collin Webster

Collin Webster

Professor and Associate Dean for Research & Innovation, University of South Carolina
Collin Webster earned his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia in 2006 and has held academic appointments at the University of South Carolina (2006- 2012; 2013-present) and the University of Wollongong in Australia (2012-2013). He is a nationally and internationally recognized scholar... Read More →

Sunday November 17, 2019 09:20 - 10:50
104 & 105 (1st Floor, High School)


Practical Social, Emotional & Mental Health Tools for Teens
Adolescence is the developmental stage of identity – Who am I and where do I fit in the world. In this 90-minute workshop participants will learn through experience the various tools and practical coping strategies their students need in order to thrive emotionally, socially and mentally.

Participants will be guided through ‘The Key, A Social Emotional Toolkit for Teens’­– a guidebook incorporating (re)definitions and explanations, writing therapy, discussions, activities and videos. A minimum of two chosen topics will be workshopped and through being the student, participants will experience the class setting whilst learning how to teach the tools and coping strategies. They will realise how easily taught this can be and how to help create strength and resilience in their students in real life circumstances.

Participants will learn how they can integrate topics separately into their class on a needs basis as well as how to teach the course in its entirety. They will learn from this strengths-based approach how to maximise building opportunities for their students to understand, digest, breakdown and put into perspective seemingly tricky topics under emotional and mental health, including practical strategies for problem-solving and finding solutions to stressful situations. Participants will leave with a good overview of the contents of ‘The Key,’ how to break them down and teach practical social emotional learning to their own students with confidence.

avatar for Romi Grossberg

Romi Grossberg

Social & Emotional Learning Specialist
Romi Grossberg is a Social Emotional Learning Specialist – an author, social worker, course designer, facilitator and public speaker. Romi has spent her career working with adults and teenagers in mental and emotional health, sports and the creative arts. She facilitates online... Read More →

Sunday November 17, 2019 09:20 - 10:50
602 (6th Floor, High School)


Progressive Soccer Coaching in Middle School & High School
Soccer coaching has been refined over the years to become a precise and complex mélange of science and art. At the same time, high school sports stakes are higher than ever, while students find themselves under the pressure of multiple other academic, social or competitive requirements and commitments. It falls on high school sports coaches to help students reach a performance level that implies the mastery of complex skills and abilities in a short time, while also providing training opportunities that fit the needs of students with various skills and sports experience.

This presentation will describe a fun and inclusive approach to a soccer warm-up purposefully designed to target specific skills, which then evolves in semi-isolated progressive activities addressing multiple explicit goals. This approach leads to a set of complex games, with the goal of improving students’ technical and tactical understanding, as well as other specific areas of skill and knowledge.

Participants will experience first-hand various progressive activities which can be implemented immediately in a lesson, and which lead students to a deeper and more complex tactical understanding of the game of soccer. Due to the high number of activities presented, participants are encouraged to bring phones or cameras to this session.

avatar for Andrei Ghicu

Andrei Ghicu

Elementary Physical Education Teacher, Concordia International School Shanghai
Andrei has lived and worked internationally for over 17 years, first in Kuwait, then in Romania and now in China. Originally a professional Soccer player, he discovered his passion for teaching early on, and mixed it with his love for sports in his PE teaching roles. He taught and... Read More →

Sunday November 17, 2019 09:20 - 10:50
Field 1A / 1B


Wellness Programs that will Allow Students to Thrive: Where & How to Start with the Implementation Process
With depression rates on the rise in adolescences, there is a desperate need for wellness programs and initiatives in schools all over the world. The pressures our students face culturally, from parents and peers is overwhelming and as educators, we need to step in if we want our students to have every opportunity to thrive in their lives. There are many different frameworks currently available for schools to use that will provide students with the necessary skills they need to build resiliency, a growth mindset and get them to a place where they can experience flow and flourish. The research is abundant but where to start and how to start can be very overwhelming. As Physical Educators, our expertise is often looked to or our passion for health education puts us in a position where we need / want to effect change in our schools.

In this session, Alison will discuss current research and literature that is gaining popularity around Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, and Growth Mindset. Participants will discover some simple steps that you can do to bring either small or large scale changes into your schools. An example would be training in mindfulness and how to get your staff on board for teaching it in their classes.


avatar for Alison Leathwood

Alison Leathwood

High School Physical Education Teacher, Saigon South International School

Sunday November 17, 2019 09:20 - 10:50
605 & 606 (6th Floor, High School)