PHASE Asia Pacific is a conference for all educators focussed on physical education, health, athletics, sports, and experiential learning.  The conference allows participants to learn from leading authorities in their respective fields as well as from practitioner presenters, to network with fellow educators, and to access good practice and resources in multiple formats.

PHASE has evolved from the Asia Pacific Physical Education Conference (APPEC) which was a dedicated Physical Education & Wellness event for the Asia Pacific region starting in 2015.

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Sunday, November 17

13:10 HKT

Adapting the Sport Education Model Beyond the Gym
While there is considerable literature on the use of Sport Education to teach sports and movement activities, examples of applications of this model to other content areas are slowly emerging. Hastie (2011) reported a parallel curriculum around the teaching of gymnastics and life sciences in one primary school employing Sport Education as the organising framework.

While Walker & Kinchin (2018) and Kinchin & Hastie (2009) investigated how the structural and pedagogical features of Sport Education supported the teaching of the physical education IGCSE curriculum and French language respectively at the secondary level.

In contributing to this emerging area of interest, this session outlines the ways in which non-physical education specialists in one school are introducing the components of Sport Education into Grades 2 and 7. The presentation will demonstrate how the structural and pedagogical features of Sport Education are being applied and modified to support the teaching of maths and humanities.

Gary will report on the experiences of the teachers and some outcomes among the pupils. We invite discussion on the practicalities of employing this instructional model to support other content areas.


Gary Kinchin

Associate Professor, University of Southampton
Dr Kinchin is an Associate Professor of Physical Education at The University of Southampton. He taught PE at the secondary school level before completing his MA and PhD at The Ohio State University. Dr Kinchin has been working with pre-service physical education teachers for over... Read More →

Will Schroeder

Physical Education Dept Chair, International Christian School

Sunday November 17, 2019 13:10 - 14:10 HKT
102 & 103 (1st Floor, High School)

13:10 HKT

Increasing Students' Health-Enhancing Physical Activity During Physical Education Using the LET US Play Principles
The purpose of this workshop is to share an evidence-based approach to increasing students' moderate-to-vigorous physical activity during physical education lessons.

The approach incorporates the LET US Play principles, which involve simple modifications to traditional games, activities, and routines often used in physical education. Attendees will participate in numerous activities designed to illustrate the principles in action.

avatar for Collin Webster

Collin Webster

Professor and Associate Dean for Research & Innovation, University of South Carolina
Collin Webster earned his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia in 2006 and has held academic appointments at the University of South Carolina (2006- 2012; 2013-present) and the University of Wollongong in Australia (2012-2013). He is a nationally and internationally recognized scholar... Read More →

Sunday November 17, 2019 13:10 - 14:10 HKT
High School Gym

13:10 HKT

Tired of Playing the Same Old Games? It's Time to Expand your PE Kit Bag!
This practical session will introduce you to new games that can be used in order to create connections among your students, along with teaching students Fundamental Movement Skills.

It will give educators new ideas on how they can commence their lessons with instant activities, ensure they have time for assessment and will give them fresh games/activities that they can implement into their program the next chance they get.

We will be aiming to make this session fun, engaging & beneficial for all that are willing to give it a go!

avatar for Ashleigh Gent

Ashleigh Gent

Primary School Teacher, Pearcedale Primary School
avatar for Joshua Simpson

Joshua Simpson

Physical Education Teacher, Pearcedale Primary School
G'day, I'm Josh from Melbourne, Australia. I'm really excited to be heading over to PHASE for a few reasons - to continue to expand my teaching, create new connections with other PE teachers from across the globe and to explore/experience a country I've never been to before. Would... Read More →

Sunday November 17, 2019 13:10 - 14:10 HKT
Middle School Gym 1/3

13:10 HKT

Using a Games Sense Approach to Teaching to Turbo Touch & Netball
This is a practical session where participants will examine the various stages of the Game Sense Model and apply this to Turbo Touch and Netball.

Participants will be involved in playing the game. If you are experienced great! If you’re not experienced once again great - That’s exactly what our classes are like. Both these games can be played outside - For our purposes and because Hong Kong School are very limited by space: I’ve chosen to present this inside a Normal gym, which is generally how I teach it here in Hong Kong.

avatar for Lester Whenuaroa

Lester Whenuaroa

International Christian School, International Christian School
I enjoy just about any sport & as a young fella growing up I tried to play as many as possible, as a result I ended up being a PE teacher.When people ask, "what I do for a living?" I would reply, " I play all day".Now I sort of do the same thing with thing with technology - I enjoy... Read More →

Sunday November 17, 2019 13:10 - 14:10 HKT
Middle School Gym 2/3